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“Isn’t the right man”- Arsenal legend believes Potter is on thin ice ahead of Chelsea vs Tottenham



Chelsea decide to stick with Graham Potter irrespective of what happens in the next three games.

Paul Merson feels Graham Potter’s days at Chelsea would be numbered if they lose to Tottenham Hotspur

Paul Merson feels the matchup between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur will be one of the crucial games for Graham Potter because the outcome could determine the Englishman’s future at Stamford Bridge.

The former Arsenal man claims that if Chelsea loses this weekend at London rivals Tottenham, it will be very tough for manager Potter to bounce back. The 47-year-old is under intense pressure to get Chelsea back to winning ways after the Blues lost consecutive matches across all competitions.

Potter, who reportedly still has the full backing of the club’s administration, has just two victories to his credit in 14 games across all competitions. He oversaw the Blues’ 1-0 loss to Southampton, the league’s bottom team, last Saturday at Stamford Bridge.

Paul Merson feels Graham Potter's days at Chelsea would be numbered if they lose to Tottenham Hotspur.
Paul Merson gives his verdict on Potter’s next game.

After full-time, Chelsea’s squad departed the field to a storm of jeers and angry whistles, with some shouts asking for the former Brighton manager to be fired. And Merson expressed his viewpoint in his most recent column, which was shown live on Sky Sports, on why losing to the Spurs may be dreadful, saying:

“People think Potter isn’t the right man for the job, but I think he is. For me, I think you should give him time. I don’t see it changing too quickly. I look at the players, and I don’t get it.”

“This Sunday is Chelsea’s biggest game of the season—it’s against Tottenham. If he loses this one, I’m not sure there is a way back because the fans will go ballistic. This game can change everything though; if Chelsea beat Spurs, he can also be a herop.”

Pressure is piling on Chelsea manager Graham Potter.
Pressure is piling on Chelsea manager Graham Potter.

Merson is correct as the fans are losing patience because there hasn’t been a win since the triumph over Crystal Palace. Potter, though, is having trouble deciding who to play because half of the new players are young and would all like a chance to play.

Potter will need to find a way irrespective of whether the Board continues to believe in him since fan pressure will force Todd Boehly to make a decision on the 47-year-old.

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And on Sunday, the former Swansea City manager will oversee one of the most crucial games, which will determine whether or not we truly believe Potter’s plan.

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