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“He has been caught”- Rival legend bashes Chelsea star for costly error in West Ham loss



Rio Ferdinand believes Chelsea are Champions League title contenders.

Rio Ferdinand criticizes Edouard Mendy for giving away easy penalty in panic situation vs West Ham United

According to Metro, Rio Ferdinand has criticized Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy for not clearing the ball in a panic situation against West Ham United.

Chelsea suffered a 3-2 defeat against the Hammers to surrender the first position in the league. Following an unusual error from Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, David Moyes’ team got their second goal. The Blues allowed the Hammers to complete the comeback and lose a much-hyped London derby away from home. 

Jorginho passed the ball backwards to Mendy but it was a bit short. Rather than clearing the ball, the Senegalese player took a touch and West Ham forward Jarrod Bowen rapidly followed the ball and pressurized the goalkeeper. The 29-year-old made a clumsy challenge and was awarded a penalty which Manuel Lanzini later converted.

Chelsea keeper Edouard Mendy did a mishap in today's clash against West Ham.
Chelsea keeper Edouard Mendy had a mishap in today’s clash against West Ham.

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand believes the goalkeeper’s ideal reaction should have been to clear the ball firsthand to avoid any mishap. 

“Jorginho leaves the short pass, yes it is short, but the goalkeeper gets there. Clear it straight away. He gets another chance to clear it and takes another touch, then all of a sudden its panic stations, and he gives away a penalty.”

The Red Devils legend thinks the goalkeeper was caught up with playing perfect football, and in an attempt to not lose possession, he made a mistake.

Chelsea lost the top spot of the Premier League after today's loss.
Chelsea lost the top spot of the Premier League after today’s loss.

“Instead of taking that touch, give a throw-in away. The problem is he has been caught trying to play perfect football. In those situations, it’s not about that.”

Edouard Mendy has been a reference point for many goalkeepers recently. His growth story with Chelsea has been fascinating and has also made some considerable contributions in big matches this season to guard Chelsea’s goal line. The 29-year-old player has become one of the best goalkeepers in the world but even he is human.

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It was the poor mistake by the keeper that cost Thomas Tuchel’s team the precious 3 points. At the highest level, it is expected from top players to have a calm and clear idea of their surroundings.

But Jorginho’s pass was no better either. It was a mistake by Mendy but it wasn’t all down to him. The team as a whole had an underwhelming game. We can’t win all our battles and this season is a marathon with still a long time to go. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and come back stronger.

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