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“A real lesson”- Footballing legend lavishes praise on Chelsea’s performance vs Juventus



Fabio Capello praises Chelsea for teaching Juventus a footballing lesson.

Fabio Capello praises Chelsea for teaching Juventus a footballing lesson

According to the Mirror, Italian tactician Fabio Capello has admired the quality of football Chelsea showcased against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League last night. 

The Blues’ performance has been phenomenal in recent matches, and it came to the fore in a scintillating performance against the Turin giants. What particularly stole the show on the night, was the impact of the club’s academy graduates on the match. 

Fabio Capello was involved with Juventus in the past, as a player initially, before returning as a manager in 2004. The legendary tactician thinks his team wasn’t on the same level as the West London side. But what astonished him was the way the Blues dominated the match. 

Fabio Capello praises Chelsea for teaching Juventus a footballing lesson.
Legendary manager Fabio Capello (second from right) praised Chelsea’s approach for dominating performance.

Capello praised Chelse’s aggressive tactics on the nights. He also suggested that the old Lady will do well to take note of the quality of football the English team displayed.

“I think this was a real lesson in football from Chelsea. Tonight we saw Chelsea press, run and never pass the ball backwards. They never start from the back; instead, they are always proactive, always forward, no passes to the goalkeeper.”

The 75-year-old manager turned pundit reflected on the decline in Italian football and why it is behind the English league today. Four English teams have featured in the final of the UEFA Champions League in the last three years. On this performance, the trend looks likely to continue. 

“These are rhythms that the Italian league is no longer used to. There is a big difference in speed and quality compared to our league.”

Fabio Capello praises Chelsea for teaching Juventus a footballing lesson.
Thomas Tuchel has made the Chelsea team a European monster. Copyright: xJuanxCarlosxCrdenasxes-ESx GRAFCVA7586 20210811-e3164877940aa2014195edcf103e8f18f102e090

He also suggested the need to study the impact Jurgen Klopp had had at Liverpool and what now Thomas Tuchel is doing at Chelsea.

“In Italy, you play too much with the goalkeeper. I think they are two German coaches (Thomas Tuchel and Jurgen Klopp); maybe we need to learn from them and update ourselves.”

It is evident how quickly the tables have turned for Chelsea under current manager Thomas Tuchel. Even though Frank Lampard laid the foundation by giving chances to youth players and eventually developing their quality for the big stage, the team was far from becoming one of the top teams in the world. 

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After taking over earlier this year, Thomas Tuchel has only managed 50 games for the Blues team, and in those 50 games, he has made them into a monster of a team. Last season, the German manager guided the blues to the UEFA Champions League triumph. His rapid influence on the West London team shows how a top manager can bring the best out of the players and determine a winning formula that can deliver.

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