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“Distorting”: Former Italian international doubts if stellar Chelsea ace can fit the club’s system



Romelu Lukaku drove Inter Milan to the Serie A title under Antonio Conte last season.

Antonio Cassano does not believe Romelu Lukaku can adapt to Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea

According to Twitch (h/t The Sun), Italian legend Antonio Cassano has termed Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku as a bad fit for Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea.

The Blues broke the bank to secure the 28-year-old earlier this summer. Despite failing to score in the last few games, Lukaku continues to enjoy the faith of his manager.

Cassano for one does not appear to be sold. He has fired the first shot by claiming that Lukaku does not fit Tuchel’s system. It would appear to be the case if one were to look at his last few appearances.

Antonio Cassano does not believe Romelu Lukaku can adapt to Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea
Can Thomas Tuchel get the best out of Romelu Lukaku?

Cassano goes on to reveal that with Lukaku sticking to his marker, it is his teammates who also have to break formation looking for him.

“Lukaku is struggling, he clings to the defender, and it’s his teammates who go looking for him.”

However, Cassano also lashed out at Antonio Conte at his approach of getting the best out of Lukaku. Tuchel has his own way of doing things and every manager has their own style.

“Tuchel doesn’t have to learn from [Antonio] Conte how to make Lukaku play; a coach shouldn’t dare to say things like that to someone who has won what he has won.”

Antonio Cassano does not believe Romelu Lukaku can adapt to Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea.
Lukaku is a system player. (imago Images)

Cassano goes on to add that the defending style in England does not give Lukaku much leeway to express himself. Unless he adapts to the scenario, the team as a whole could struggle.

“In England, you have animals defending; in England, he struggles because Lukaku doesn’t have that kind of characteristics.”

Chelsea have tried to alter their gameplay for Lukaku with limited success. Cassano believes it should be the other way around and that it is the player who has to adapt to the system. Unfortunately, that looks to be unlikely right now.

“Chelsea are distorting themselves to get Lukaku into the game, it’s Lukaku who has to follow Chelsea’s idea, but he doesn’t have the characteristics Tuchel wants.”

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Lukaku is a player who has always divided opinions. Considered a scapegoat during his time at Manchester United, he achieved much success at Inter Milan. While it is still early days in his second coming at Chelsea, there still appears work to be done.

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