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European Super League to relaunch in modified form with Chelsea still ‘part of the project’



Long-time Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, could ell the club in the coming weeks.

European Super League set to relaunch in modified form; Chelsea still part of the project

According to The Times, the European Super League will relaunch in a new form, with all the six English clubs, including Chelsea, still a part of the botched project.

Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur all withdrew from the European Super League within 72 hours of the proposed change to the game being announced.

The Super League is not dead yet. (Image Credit - Google)
The Super League is not dead yet. (Image Credit – Google)

The breakaway league had sparked a huge wave of negative reaction from fans across the globe, which led to the said wihtdrawal, with clubs then issuing apologies and promises to set the course right.

However, the aforementioned report is now claiming that there is no such mechanism for any club involved in the project to withdraw from it entirely, with the European Super League likely to return in a new form and a new format, with all six Premier League clubs, including Chelsea, being a part.

Chelsea and the remaining five Premier League clubs that were involved in the breakaway, were fined a total of £22m in total earlier this month. The teams further agreed to pay £25m each and lose 30 points if they attempt to relaunch or be involved in such a project in the future. (h/t Daily Mail)

Fans outside Stamford Bridge protesting the Super League
Fans outside Stamford Bridge protesting the Super League

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Along with the six English clubs, the other six clubs that were involved were Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, who are yet to withdraw from the league. Then there were AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid, who have pulled out of the tournament in the aftermath of the backlash from fans.

Should another attempt be made at launching the renegade breakaway league, the reaction from the fans, the sanctions from UEFA and FIFA could be much worse for those involved.

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