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A View From The Bridge

“It’s beyond parody”- Some Chelsea fans react to ill-advised protest outside Stamford Bridge



Twitter reacts as some Chelsea fans make idiots of themselves outside Stamford Bridge

According to the Metro, a small number of Chelsea fans have taken out a protest against the Black Lives Movement outside Stamford Bridge.

They called for Roman Abramovich to stop the players from taking a knee while also accusing the Russian oligarch of spreading communism. (h/t Metro)

“Roman Abramovich, we won’t take the knee. We don’t want our players to take the knee.”

The handful were calling on the club to stop players from ‘taking a knee’ before Premier League matches. A gesture that has been commonplace since the restart on June 17. (h/t Metro)

A handful of Chelsea fans took out an anti BLM protest outside Stamford Bridge
These fans have totally missed the point (Image Credits: Getty Images)

“We believe all lives matter. so the message is to Roman Abramovich is do not let our players or do not force our players to take the knee.”

At times of great discord all across the world, the fact that sport can act as a unifying factor is a matter of much hope. By protesting against a legitimate social cause, these fans have completely missed the point of the gesture.

Inequality is a reality and some sections have had to face it much more than others. By bringing their struggles to light, we hope to achieve the best we can at least on the football pitch.

Although Premier League clubs have backed the movement, there has been grumbles from a section of fans. None more blatant that the ‘White Lives Matter’ message flown over the Etihad Stadium last week. (h/t Metro)

A White Lives Matter was flown over the Etihad last week
A White Lives Matter was flown over the Etihad last week( Image Credits: Getty Images)

Burnley came out immediately to slam those involved and we hope Chelsea do the same here. Although a vast minority, they still represent us and the club will be wise to nip it in the bud.

A number of fans took to Twitter to respond to the report. We take a look at a few of them below.

Chelsea reacts to anti-BLM protests outside Stamford Bridge

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