Economics expert drops a bomb regarding Chelsea’s stadium plans and fans won’t like it – report

Roman Abramovich

Chelsea’s plans of a stadium redevelopment could be delayed by six years according to economics expert Rob Wilson. Roman Abramovich had stated that the economic climate is not perfect for the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge but should the Russian decide to reinvest, the sale of Wembley could have a major effect on the Bridge.

The report from the Daily Star claims that Chelsea were expected to play their games at Wembley for the four years of the development but if the stadium is sold, the new owners might prefer to put up NFL games at the stadium.

Wilson was speaking to the Star and said:

“It (the sale) would take Wembley off the table I would imagine, as they were going to play their games there while Stamford Bridge was being redeveloped.”

The expert also added that the Blues would need to look at alternate venues to play the games or they could start the redevelopment work after a redesign and continue playing at the Bridge but it would mean playing in front of a reduced crowd.

The kick came when Wilson added that we might have to increase the timeline by 50% of when the stadium work could be complete.

“You have to redesign all the logistics of how it’s going to be done, if indeed it can be done.

“It’s clearly a very difficult challenge. I think you could say 50% again, so it could take another two years depending on how they might be able to negotiate some of the fixture schedules.”

Shahid Khan, the Fulham owner, has reportedly bid £900million to purchase Wembley Stadium and should that deal go through, there will have to be a lot of discussions and tough decisions.

We won’t be playing any games at Twickenham as the RFU has refused to share the stadium and it would be difficult to share a stadium with any other London club too.

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