“Turning into a banter club”: Chelsea fans tear the club apart as Blues announce key 4-year deal

David Luiz

Chelsea might not be sure about who the manager will be at the start of this season but we are certainly wrapping up deals and the latest one sees Hyundai become our official sleeve partner until 2022.

While the deal will add extra finances to the side, the club released a funny video on Twitter where the tables were turned on the players.

Normally, we see the players be the stars of an advert but here, David Luiz, Tiemoue Bakayoko and Olivier Giroud were helping some of the fans with the shoot.

It was a refreshing change to see the stars “act” normal and Luiz has to be the one standout as he gave a fan a “Luiz” cut!

However, the fans were not all that impressed with the video and had a right old go at the players in the video and the club. Here are some of the replies to the tweet.

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