Premier League: 3 ‘bad’ players who are actually ‘good’

Let’s put the words ‘bad’ and ‘good’ into context. These ‘bad’ footballers are projected as villains most of the time, even when they have been crucial or ‘good’ for their respective teams. There are enough of these players in the English Premier League, who are easy to blame whenever things go south and are hardly acknowledged for the good.

Let’s focus on 3 players who have been crucified, even mocked all season despite their significant contribution. These three players have been selected by their respective International teams and have been tipped by to have a significant impact in Russia when the World Cup kicks off.

Granit Xhaka

The much-maligned Granit Xhaka of Arsenal hasn’t had the best of starts in England. The Swiss midfielder, who has an evident fiery side to his game, got two early red cards in his career to become one of the most favorite villains in the English Premier League.

Ever since, Xhaka has struggled to win over his critics and has even been subjected to constant abuse by a section of Arsenal fans.

Granit Xhaka

It’s clear that Xhaka isn’t the most popular figure at Arsenal. Still, the former Borussia Mönchengladbach player forms as crucial a part of the Gunners’ team as anyone. Xhaka is the only Arsenal player to feature in every single game of the league this season. Even more impressively, he emerged as the player with the this season.

Xhaka’s 7 assists, second highest for an Arsenal player, this season showcase his creative ability of the deep-lying playmaker. What’s more, contrary to the popular belief that he can’t defend well, Xhaka has also won the most number of tackles at the club.

Jordan Henderson

Quite similar to Xhaka’s case, Jordan Henderson is another player who, more often than not, finds himself at the end of fans’ anger and abuse.

Maybe the fact that Henderson got the captain’s armband passed over to him from Steven Gerrard, one of the very best midfielders to grace the game, has set unfair and unrealistic standards for him to match.

Jordan Henderson

Evidently, Jordan Henderson is no Steven Gerrard, but make no mistake, he is a very useful midfielder with a number of qualities. The Liverpool captain’s importance for the team was there to be seen when he got injured and the Reds struggled to compete in the middle of the pitch.

Henderson has a lot in his game like his good range of passing and sheer industry, but what stands out the most is his able leadership. The English international deserves praise for leading his troops to the Champions League final.

Jesse Lingard

Often mocked on social media by many, Jesse Lingard has had a good season with Manchester United. Despite being quite down the pecking order at Old Trafford, the English winger has been among the most impactful players for the Red Devils this season.

Jesse Lingard

It’s never easy to be the fourth choice winger at the club and still contribute crucial goals. But that’s what Lingard has done this season whenever he was given a chance. A total of 14 goals and 5 assists for the season, for a player who mostly comes off the bench, is a very good record and warrants praise.



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