“Can it get any worse?”, “The end of Chelsea” – Fans react as Abramovich pulls the plug on key £1bn deal

Chelsea’s plans of a stadium redevelopment of Stamford Bridge have come to a halt as Roman Abramovich has pulled the plug on a £1bn scheme due to his visa renewal problems, according to The Guardian.

The club released a statement suggesting that plans to increase the capacity of the stadium to 60,000 will be postponed due to the “current unfavourable investment climate”.

Abramovich received Israeli citizenship this week and is set to move to Tel Aviv. He would then be able to visit Britain for up to six months at a time, thanks to his new passport, but he would not be allowed to work in the country.

This news would come as a bitter blow to the fans as they would have been hoping to compete with the stadiums of West Ham, Arsenal and even Tottenham.

All the clubs have a larger capacity than Stamford Bridge and a number of fans took to Twitter to share their opinion on the news.

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