Can the Dream of Sergio Aguero Coming to Stamford Bridge Become a Reality?

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Sergio Aguero is currently plying his trade with Manchester City but recent rumours suggest he could be on his way out of the Etihad if he doesn’t start starting games. With the addition of Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City striker Aguero has since fallen out of favour under Pep Guardiola and that has sparked interest from other top English clubs, Chelsea being one of them. Sergio Aguero has been lucky in recent weeks because Jesus is currently side-lined for a few months with an injury, and that means he has a good chance of starting all games over the next couple of months. It would be hard to see Sergio Aguero leave Manchester City, especially for another Premier League club, but sources close to the striker have said the move is very possible due to several reasons.

Sergio Aguero is Bitter with Pep Guardiola

Sergio Aguero has been the best Manchester City striker in recent years and has scored a host of goals to ensure Manchester City stay competitive, but as soon as Pep Guardiola has stepped in he hasn’t featured in the starting line-up as much as he would have liked. This has ultimately made him and even though he has recently started getting on the scoresheet again, there is still doubt as to whether Sergio will forgive Pep at all.

Aguero Wants to Stay in England

The is clearly at home in the Premier League and it seems he still has the ability to shine whenever it’s asked of him. There are only a couple of other clubs in the league that would be able to afford the transfer fee and his high wage demands, and one of those clubs is Manchester United, but it’s highly unlikely Manchester City would ever sell him to their fierce rivals, so that only leaves Chelsea as a possible destination. Aguero has also come out and said he enjoys playing football in England and playing in front of the fans, and as he would only be interested in a move abroad if the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid came knocking, staying in England is a strong possibility whether that is with Manchester City or another club like Chelsea.

Chelsea is an Attractive Destination for Aguero

Aguero has always been keen on Stamford Bridge and has recently said he does not know where his next destination will be, but a move to London isn’t off the agenda. As it looks like Chelsea will win the league this year that would be an even more attractive move for Aguero should he not get the game time when Gabriel Jesus returns to full fitness.

Sergio Could Be Benched Again When Jesus is Back

One of the key reasons why Aguero wasn’t happy is that he was benched for Gabriel to start instead, and since he has been injured, Aguero has taken some of the limelight. But when Gabriel Jesus does return to full fitness, it would be hard for Aguero to get in the starting line-up again unless he can really buckle down and start scoring some goals again like he did at the start of the season.

The bookmakers still feel Aguero will leave in the summer but are unsure on where his next destination will be if he does leave, as not only are several English clubs interested in his services, but Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid would also be very interested in signing the striker. If you want to bet on his next destination make sure you take advantage of free bets. Have a look at the to take advantage of the many available.

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