3 Players Chelsea Should Never Have Sold


The Oil Revolution in football began when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea football club, and since that day, The Blues have spent over £1billion on players. You could say that the investment has been fairly successful, Chelsea have all the major silverwares, including the much Champions League trophy they won in 2012. The money has been spent on players from around the globe, some who wrote their names in the history books, while some who flopped badly and could never settle in the physicality and the pace of the Premier League. World class players like  Didier Drogba, Petr Cech and Eden Hazard to name a few have been brought in and they have taken Chelsea higher with their individual quality. Then there are players like Fernando Torres, who was rated the best striker in the world during his time at Liverpool but offered next to nothing.

Just like their excitement surrounding a new player, there is sometimes huge disappointment amongst the fan base at the departure of some very talented players. Here we name the three players who Chelsea should have never sold.

Kevin De Bruyne

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Perhaps the biggest transfer gaffe made by Chelsea in recent years. Bruyne was brought in from Genk amidst a lot of fanfare, but due to lack of playing time in the first XI, Mourinho decided to send out on loan to Germany. They did bring the youngster back only to sell him to Wolfsburg six months later. During his time at Werder Bremen, Bruyne was highly impressive, but it is when he moved to Wolfsburg that the world sat up and took notice of his immense talent. His performance in Germany convinced Manchester City to break their transfer record and sign the Belgian international for £55 million.

Romelu Lukaku

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Another Belgian whose move away from Stamford Bridge surprised the football fraternity across the globe. When Lukaku was brought in from Anderlecht, due to the presence of Eto, Torres and Ba, the Belgian didn’t have much chance and was hence loaned out to Everton. But his return to Chelsea was blocked as he didn’t fit the plans of Jose Mourinho, who decided to make his stay at Everton permanent. Since then Lukaku has gone on become one of the most deadly strikers in the Premier League.

Petr Cech

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The arrival of Courtois pushed Cech back in the pecking order, which prompted the 34-year-old to look for new employers who could give him more game time. The fact that Chelsea sold Cech to Arsenal, one of their direct rivals in the Premier League, baffled a lot of fans and pundits. Cech has been highly impressive during his time with Arsenal, winning the Golden Glove in his first season.

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  1. joseph Porto

    November 4, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Who are the responsibles for loaning Traore?
    Until yesterday I though Traore asked to be loaned to Ajax, but today reports says that was not the case, these are his declarations.
    “I felt, and feel, that I am ready for Chelsea. I did not see the loan overall [picture]. Why did I play so much in pre-season? ”
    “Why was I allowed to participate so often under Guus Hiddink [last season]? Why do young players get no real chance at Chelsea?”
    Traore and Moses were the real performers in preseason. Why was he loaned? Conte has several assistants who provide advise over players, specially if he was a new manager. Who told him keep Loftus Cheek and loan Traore? The same who told him Terry was fit as a toddler for another season ? Who is working for the media machine inside Chelsea? We bring new players to keep performing at top level, why is not the same with assistant coaches? Can not be the new manager fault to know all his players, but for the previous staff is not aceptable. Loaning Traore is inaceptable. What kind of moron can’t see the reality of Traore, not potential, but reality! Are we going to repeat the DeBruine and Lukaku errors? Who are the responsibles of this? The same who proposed Loftus Cheek? The same who told Conte Terry was real deal?
    The media machine troyan horses have allies inside Chelsea staff. Who are they? Conte knows the truth who gave him twisted advise at Chelsea when he first come! For the sake of Chelsea he must address the solution so this will not happen again. Good honest players deserve to be protected over mediocre astute ones! Complicit assistants need to be removed.

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